Meet in Lingka in midsummer


On weekends, Lingkas around Lhasa welcomes people who love life. "Let’s go to have a Lingka" has become the password for many people living here to get together for a moment.

You can smell the aroma of barbecue before you step into the Lingka camp, and you will find that these lingka camps are like "peach blossom gardens" with white tents, white clouds in the sky, and green grass... Looking up, the green and lush leaves are whirling in the breeze, seeming to respond to the laughter of the crowd under the tree.

With the rapid economic development, people’s material needs are basically meet, but the longing for freedom in the depths of the soul should be found in nature after all. Having Lingka is a way for us to return to nature, when we can be connected with nature and our tired body and mind would be nourished.

In this summer, meet your friends in Lingka! Hold a handful of clear spring water, listening to the insects chirping among the flowers, lighting bonfires at night, and singing songs from afar...