Lhasa's first food safety theme park built


Recently, the first food safety theme park in Lhasa was officially completed. The park was built on the existing infrastructure of the Lhasa Binhe Phase II Park, focusing on popularizing the knowledge of food safety among ordinary people and raising the awareness that food safety shall be a collective responsibility for all.

Walking into the park, the red sign "Food Safety Theme Park" came into view. Food safety themed slogans and the LOGO of Lhasa's aim to create a national exemplary city of food safety have been installed on the central trail. There are 6 display boards standing on both sides of the trail. The display boards are colorful, in shapes of melons, fruits, vegetables, and tsampa bags, etc., On them are texts such as "from farmland to the dining table, we monitor the whole process to protect people’s safety", and "bright kitchens and clean stoves", national food safety policy requirements, as well as slogans such as "the most rigorous standards, the most rigorous supervision, the most rigorous punishments, and the most rigorous accountability".

The park also has small rotatable signs to remind the public to eat safe, such as “do not eat at places that do not meet hygiene standards", "Do not go to unlicensed stalls", and "beware of ill-intentioned merchants", etc., These signs of food safety knowledge are integrated in the park's facilities and landscapes, so that healthy eating styles, food safety knowledge and regulations can be displayed to citizens vividly.

There is also a "Food Safety Corridor" along the river. On the red columns, you can find key words of food safety awareness such as "cherish food" and "green and fresh" surrounded by ethnic characteristic patterns. There is also a sculpture on the other side of the corridor, which shows a Lhasa citizen eating Tibetan noodles. It displays the traditional food culture of Lhasa in the form of sculpture.