Tibet Youth:Yongqing Lhamo on sonwborad



If not for the fall before the game, the 18-year-old Tibetan girl may have become a shining star during the 2022 Winter Olympics. In early January this year, Yongqing Lhamo from Purong Village, Wangda Town, Zogang County, Chamdo, Tibet Autonomous Region won the qualification for Beijing Winter Olympics. In February, during an official training two days before the game, she unfortunately fell on the snow track, causing a concussion and a fracture of the first tail vertebra, which regrettably ended her Olympic tour this year.  

Yongqing Lhamo is a young player with great talent in ice and snow. With her height advantage and outstanding balance capacity, she entered the national training team and became a reserve talent for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Just before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 2021/2022 FIS Snowboard Obstacle Chase World Cup in Russia opened her door to the Olympics with her personal points and rankings. 

Retiring due to injury is undoubtedly a difficult and painful decision. However, all the frustration has turned into motivation, and now Yongqing Lhamo has resumed training in Chengde, Hebei Province.