【Craftsmen in Xizang】Kong Qingquan: the guardian of health


West China Hospital, Sichuan University[YA1]  boasts advanced medical concepts, complete surgical equipment, and a first-class support team. Kong Qingquan is the Director of the Orthopedics Department of this hospital. He is an expert and a “star” in the eyes of patients here. With a love for all as a doctor, he started the journey to support Xinjiang’s development and aid Xizang since 2016. During his one-year journey to support Xinjiang’s development, he purchased instruments for spine surgeries at his own expense at Karamay People’s Hospital. His surgery even filled the gap in the total spinal endoscope technique in Karamay.

Returning from supporting Xinjiang’s development, he started the work of aiding Xizang for 3 years. He worked at Xizang Chengban Hospital of West China Hospital, Sichuan University to do surgery for people from Xizang who came to Chengdu for recuperation and medical advice. During his work, he not only continued the clinical work but also started to cultivate and manage the team in Xizang Chengban Hospital. He tried his best to look for opportunities for cooperation between West China Hospital and Chengban Hospital. The two hospitals carried out the surgery, teaching, and other work and established the linkage service mechanism of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a green channel for intensive care. The Joint Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Echinococcosis was established under the guidance of West China Hospital. Medical workers were sent to West China Hospital for further study.

He was included in “Craftsmen in Xizang this time. He said: “I am very happy to win this award. It not only represents the honor but also recognizes my work. I will continue to practice the craftsmanship spirit, keep improving, focus on every detail, and pursue excellence. I hope to continue to overcome difficulties, continuously focus on medical Problems.