【Craftsmen in Xizang】Gao Qiansheng: Maintaining the Qinghai-Tibet Railway on the Plateau for 12 Years


“I don’t think that our work is great, but every job has to be done by someone. We just want to do our ordinary job well.” Gao Qiansheng was born in Gansu. After graduating from university in 2011, he was admitted to China Railway 12th Bureau and came to work on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. He came to Xizang for poetry and distance, but the reality was quite different. But he did not retreat. He stayed and became a maintenance worker of the railway inspired by the spirit of the railway corps.

In the last decade, he not only gradually adapted to the environment on the plateau but also constantly studied and gradually changed from a “newbie” of railway maintenance into a business “expert”. To solve the difficult problem of frozen earth that had troubled local areas for many years, he studied the rules for the maintenance of frozen earth and did research on the season and environment along the line. Through analysis of a large amount of primary data, he proposed a series of measures for protection and reinforcement, forming an effective idea of troubleshooting. His experience and methods were promoted and applied in an all-around way in the production and construction of the Amdo workshop. A series of problems caused by changes in frozen earth roadbeds were solved successfully and the traffic safety of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was effectively ensured.

The team of Gao Qiansheng has 125 people with an average age of only 28. They are responsible for the maintenance of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Tanggula South Station to Liantonghe Station with a length of 146 kilometers. On this section of the railway, there is the area with the highest altitude, the area with permanent frozen earth, and the depopulated zone. The lowest temperature is -47℃. The content of oxygen in the air is less than half that in the inland areas. Gao Qiansheng, a Railway Maintenance Engineer, and his team fought against wind, sand, and hypoxia, solved difficult problems of maintenance and renovation, and ensured that the railway on the plateau was safe and clear throughout their efforts.

(Redakteur: Daniel Yang)