Celebrating my New Year with Mt. Qomolangma for 7 consecutive years


“Sweetie, come and see, it’s snowing here, isn’t it beautiful!” Wang Lanbo switched on the video and walked out before putting on his coat.  

“Let me see, wow, there is snow everywhere!” The daughter who had been reluctant to video chat with him for a long time finally appeared on the screen, staring wide-eyed. “Where are you, Dad? Can you make a snowman today?”  

“I’m in Tibet, here is Mt. Qomolangma. I’ll make a snowman and show you later.”  

“Then when will you be back?” 

“I… I…” The video cut off before he finished speaking.

Wang Lanbo and his peers are patrolling.

Wang Lanbo is taking a break during patrol.

Wang Lanbo is sharing the beauty of Mt. Qomolangma with his family on video.  

“I have been working in this police station in 2014. This is the seventh New Year I will spend here.” Wang Lanbo put the mobile phone in his pocket and rubbed his frozen hands.  

“The first snow every year always gives me a cold. If you get a cold here, it doesn’t get better in half a month.” His dark, chapped lips make him look haggard. “I couldn’t go on patrol today, I’m a little worried about my health.” 

“You asked me if I want to transfer to lower altitude for work. When lying in hospital, my peers also talked to me about that and it was reasonable, but once I recovered, I still wanted to return to Mt. Qomolangma. This is a kind of fate that I can’t give up!” When he said this, Officer Wang was a little shy, as if he had said something he had always wanted to say but was embarrassed to say it.  

There are many reasons why he has celebrated the New Year on Mt. Qomolangma for seven consecutive years. “The annual leave arrangement has to consider the needs of work and the needs of the family. In seven years, my annual leave has not been able to coincide with the New Year.”  

Recently, as the New Year is approaching, Officer Wang didn’t dare call his spouse. When he calls her, she always talks about family reunion during New Year.

“As long as everyone is healthy and safe, every day is the New Year.” Wang said.  

Wang’s institute has been busy with work recently, almost forgetting that the New Year is so close. After dinner, Director Kelsang called everyone to discuss the purchase of New Year goods, the arrangement of the camp, and celebrating activities. “Hot pot is a must-have”, “Dumplings should be made on the first day of the New Year”, “The couplets are not needed on the outside doors for a gust of wind blows them away, and several doors inside have to be pasted”…  

“Save more money to create good learning conditions for my daughter.” This is my New Year’s wish, said Wang Lanbo, “I believe my daughter will understand me when she grows up.”