Tibet tourism boutique IP "Tibet Chopo" officially released


On June 26, the online press conference of the 2022 Tibet tourism boutique IP "Tibet Chopo” was held.

"Tibet Chopo" means Tibetan friends, and it also means the Tibet tourism industry sincerely invites friends from all over the world to travel to Tibet. It is understood that the Tibet tourism boutique IP creation project is an important measure to build a high-quality publicity content display platform for Tibet tourism, and it is also an innovative initiative to promote the Tibetan tourism industry to be at the forefront of the country in promoting ethnic exchanges and high-quality development.

The release of "Tibet Chopo" aims to add more lively elements to Tibetan tourism online brands. At the same time, it aims to create an online promotion platform for Tibet tourism with this IP as the core, produce and publicize more news about Tibet tourism, so that more netizens can know about Tibet, fall in love with Tibet. Through the efforts, it aims to further expand the dimension of tourism development in Tibet, promote the transformation of tourism from "ticket economy" to "industrial economy", and promote the organic cycle of tourism economy.

Another important part of the Tibet tourism boutique IP creation project- "Tibet Chopo KOL Tour" was also officially launched on the same day. 30 Kols from all over the country and Tibet will set off from Lhasa and go to the ancient Tea-horse Road(Lhasa-Mangkang section), Fanni Ancient Road (Lhasa-Jilong), and New G219 (Lhasa-Ali section), carrying out a 3-week walking activity with rich contents and various forms to deeply experience various products of Tibet tourism, and have an in-depth communication with Tibet's beautiful scenery and colorful culture, so as to produce high-quality Tibet tourism promotional contents from multiple angles.