【Craftsmen in Xizang】Qiu Quanlei: Promote the development of rhizoma gastrodiae industry in Bome


When you walk into the Industrial Base of Bome Tibetan Rhizoma Gastrodiae, you can see small signs with different colors. Under the signs, Bome Tibetan Rhizoma Gastrodiae, the national geographical indication product, is planted. Qiu Quanlei has been engaged in research on rhizoma gastrodiae in Xizang for many years. He has solved many technical problems in the cultivation and planting of seeds of rhizoma gastrodiae and made several research achievements. “Small rhizoma gastrodiae” has become a “big industry” by which local people can increase income and become rich.

In the past, because there was no professional technology and operation guidance, the production of Bome Rhizoma Gastrodiae was low and the sales channels were limited. Qiu Quanlei established the Rhizoma Gastrodiae planting base; promoted the industrial chain model of “company+scientific research+specialized cooperative+grower households”; provided strains, seeds of Rhizoma Gastrodiae, sales and technology, and other services; ran the training school of wild plant tending skills of Tibetan Rhizoma Gastrodiae; and taught people the planting techniques of Tibetan Rhizoma Gastrodiae personally by combining theoretical training, field practice, and development of comprehensive skills.

Led by him, the rhizoma gastrodiae industry has become a pillar industry in Bome which leads the under-forest economy, consolidates and expands achievements of poverty alleviation, and helps with rural revitalization. Villagers “live on the industry” near their homes.