[Stories of members] Tashi Dawa:Ensuring people of groups enjoy fruits and benefits of literature and art


Tashi Dawa (member of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the Federation of Literary and Cultural Affairs of the Tibet Autonomous Region) 

In recent years, the state has fully backed its sponsorship of the advancement of the Tibetan cultural cause with its substantial financial support. To date, Tibet has perfected its five-level culture-oriented public service system, and besides the existing radio broadcasts, television programs, films, and multimedia publications, each and every city across the autonomous region has set up artistic centers, libraries, museums, and ethnic artistic performance troupes. Additionally, each and every county has established at least one comprehensive cultural activity center and folkloric artistic performance troupe, while townships have built up comprehensive cultural stations and farmers’ reading rooms and villages have formed their own performance teams. 

Tibet promotes and supports artists in their endeavor to carry out cultural service activities, with artists expected to “go in deep to experience the daily life of the people and become rooted down within the people’s hearts.” After years of effort, some well-known undertakings have successfully been established, including the  Qomolangma Photography Exhibition, Thangka Fine Art Exhibition, Tibetan Film and Television Saloon, and Herder and Farmer Family Portrait volunteer service program. In recent years, almost every prefecture, county, and district across the region has been covered by all sorts of cultural activities. The next plan in the coming five years  is to make efforts to provide at least one cultural service to every last village across the autonomous region and to ensure that people of all ethnic groups in the region enjoy the fruits and benefits of literature and art.