Basum Tso International Rafting Open Held in Xizang


On April 20, the Basum Tso International Rafting Open started at the  scenic attraction in Nyingchi, which marked the official start of the rafting competition season this year. This event was the first international water sports competition held by the Xizang Autonomous Region, signifying a milestone for sports events on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

In the picture is the wharf in the Basum Tso scenic spot.

In the picture is the site of the competition.

This competition is the first international rafting event held in the region. The panel of judges of the Competition Committee consists of multiple international referee teams recognized by the International Rafting Federation[YA1] . To ensure the quality and high level of this event, the Competition Committee regulated the main river channels and constructed the wharf for the main stages of the competition. The unique human landscape resources including snow mountains, azaleas, peach blossoms, ancient bridges, and ancient villages were perfectly combined with the Basum Tso Lake and the water body resources of Baqu River, creating a beautiful competition environment that could fully show rafting skills for the rafters. More than 30 domestic and foreign teams and 120 athletes were invited to participate in the competition.

In the picture, athletes are taking photos.

In the picture, the handsome goose team is taking photos.

In the picture are Xu Yongzhao and Liu Jianyu from Chengdu Jiasite Fitness Club.

In the picture is the award ceremony of the two-person rafting boat race.