Go Shopping before Lantern Festival


On the occasion of the annual Lantern Festival, in the early morning, the supermarket in Nyingchi city, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region welcomed many customers. In front of the fresh pork counter, customers lined up to a long queue to buy meat. “Cheap and fresh, the pork in this supermarket is very popular.” A buyer surnamed Lin said.

Purchasing daily supplies and kitchen goods is one of the ways for many Chinese families to welcome traditional festivals. For them, full “rice bags” and a rich variety of vegetables and fruits are necessities in preparing festivals.

In a fruit shop at the farm product market in the new district of Nyingchi, various tasty fruits are on sale, such as strawberries, sweet oranges, red grapes and grapes. “There have been a lot of customers recently. We are busy from 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning until 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening almost every day. We have to stock up goods with various varieties in advance.” The owner of the shop said. According to him, the sale of high-grade fruits obviously increased during festivals.

In front of a meat product stall, a woman surnamed Zhao was carefully selecting her goods. “The Lantern Festival is coming soon, so I want to buy some meat. The price is okay, with not much change.” She said. 

To ensure sufficient goods supply and market stability during the festival, market supervision agents at all levels in Nyingchi have taken various measures in advance, focusing on law enforcement inspections and security risks investigations. 

At the same time, the city put COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control on the top of agenda, carrying out closed-loop supervision for all cold-chain food entering Nyingchi. 

“As the New Year begins, we all will start with new clothes. We have bought new clothes for all of us, and we will go to the shopping mall to buy some daily necessities in a while.” Said Tsering Yuzhen, who was shopping with her family on the Hong Kong Pedestrian Street in Nyingchi.

“We took train from our county, lost in the beautiful scenery along the journey and soon arrived in Nyingchi. Now, our living conditions are getting better and better. The travel is so convenient, and the goods are rich in variety. We really live in a great country.” 60-year-old Tsering Yuzhen said with a smile.