Enjoying Tibetan opera during traditional Yogurt Festival


Tibetan opera performance

Celebrations for the week-long traditional Shoton Festival, or Yogurt Festival has begun in Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on August, 19, and will end on August 25. During the festival, Tibetan opera performance is a cultural feast you should never miss.

Due to Covid-19 prevention and control measures, Tibetan opera performances this year are staged separately in parks, villages so that people can enjoy the charm of the festival without gathering together.

“We used to go to downtown to watch the performance, however, we can do this in the village this year. The performances attracts many tourist here and we can take the chance to sell our walnuts and self-made yogurt.” Said Migmar, a villager in Dagdong village at 11 am on August 19.

At the same time, in the Chumik wetland park, a Tibetan opera performance is staged with cheers filling in the park. “On the first day of every Shoton Festival, I would go to the Norbulingka to see the performance. I always woke up early in order to hold a seat. This year, the performance is stage in the wetland park, it is much more convenient for me.” Said an elderly named Thubten Nyima.