Yaks trapped in Golak, Qinghai rescued


It is learned that  on May 8, more than 90 yaks belonging to herdsmen in Longcai Village, Jimai Town, Dari County, Golak Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province trapped on a central islet of the Yellow River were rescued.

According to reports, at 10 a.m. on May 8, the Dari County Emergency Bureau received a phone call from village cadres of Longcai Village in Jimai Town, claiming that a herdsman’s more than 90 yaks and six newly-born calves were trapped on a central islet in the Yellow River, 40 kilometers away from the county town, and they requested a rescue.

After receiving the rescue call, the Dari County Emergency Bureau rushed to the scene together with the county fire rescue team. After they arrived, it was found that the river channel was about 40 meters wide, about 2.5 meters deep, and 92 yaks were trapped.

The Dari County Fire and Rescue Brigade immediately commanded an assault boat for six people (four rescuers and two herdsmen) to be taken to the opposite river bank. After more than two hours, the 98 yaks were successfully rescued.