Boutique Tibetan carpets staged at Qinghai Ecological Expo


Tourists photograph carpets at the Qinghai Eco (Industrial) Expo and Tibetan Carpet Exhibition.

Merchants consult on carpets at the expo.

Exhibitors introduce carpets to consulting merchants.

Iranian exhibitors introduce carpets to customers.

Iranian exhibitors sort out their carpets.

Resul, a student from Turkmenistan is watching a carpet.

On September 6, the Qinghai Eco (Industrial) Expo and Tibetan Carpet Exhibition opened at the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Boutique carpets in Tibetan style from Iran, Afghanistan, and other locations in China and abroad were unveiled. Many merchants came to inquire about carpet-related matters.

It is reported that the China (Qinghai) International Tibetan Carpet Exhibition is a professional international exhibition with a high international reputation and great influence. Since it began in 2004, it has been held successfully for 16 consecutive years, and it has received extensive attention and support from within China and abroad. It has played an important role in promoting exchanges between Chinese domestic and foreign carpet industries and accelerating the development of Qinghai’s export-oriented economy and ethnic characteristic industries.