Flower of national unity and progress blooms in Gala Village


Gala Village, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet, is one of the partnership assistant villages for Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Every spring, patches of wild peach blossom forests in Gala Village attract visitors from all over the world, which is also known as "Peach Blossom Village".

In 2013, the sanitary conditions were worrying in the village that livestock ran all over the ground, livestock manure was everywhere, and the villagers lived together with livestock.

With the help of cadres in Dongguan for partnership assistant and the joint efforts of the local people, Gala Village began to improve the environment of the village, implement the separation of humans and animals, and start to build tourism infrastructure. Surrounding the peach blossom forest, a viewing platform with Tibetan characteristics stands halfway up the mountain. The creek beside the peach blossom forest has been transformed with romantic air. The concentric locks in the peach forest signify not only romantic love, but also the meaning of national unity.