Dance drama “The Origin of Rivers” debuted in Hebei


As the participating repertoire of the 13th China Arts Festival and the 17th Wenhua Award, the ecological dance drama "The Origin of Rivers" was unveiled at the Guan Hanqing Grand Theater in Baoding, Hebei Province on September 6.

The dance drama "The Origin of Rivers" is a key creation of Qinghai Province in 2020. Since the project was established, it has been performed in Qinghai, Beijing and other places successively. Up to now, 88 offline and online performances have been completed.

The main creative team went to Sanjiangyuan areas for three times to collect the creative materials, and then completed the final text creation. The play is based on the theme of "building an ecological highland and protecting the Chinese water tower". Using a "first-person" narrative perspective, the drama plot adopts a structure of play within a play, history within a history, and drama within a drama, and uses a cutting technique similar to the "montage" in a movie, integrating prehistoric civilization, nomadic civilization, ecological civilization and scientific and technological civilization into a comprehensive performance.