The “sweet” industry by the Lancang River


Muxu Township is located at the southernmost tip of Mangkam County, on the banks of the Lancang River. Due to its low altitude, mild climate and lush plants and flowers, it is suitable for the bees, and the region has a long history of beekeeping. In recent years, the beekeeping industry in the county has developed vigorously, becoming a “sweet” industry for local farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty and increase their income.

In 2021, the honey output in Muxu Township alone was about 8,000 kilograms, of which 4,230 kilograms are purchased by Chongqing-aid- Tibet enterprises, with a total purchase price of more than 780,000 yuan(111,187 US dollars). This year, the production of honey is expected to exceed 10,000 kilograms.