Songtsen Gyalzur:I am convinced that Tibet will have a brighter future


Under the guidance of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s leadership, the Chinese people have fulfilled the goals of building a wealthy society in big parts of the country and laid down a strong foundation for the future development of a socialist society that is rich, modern, civilized and harmonious.

As a Swiss entrepreneur with Tibetan roots, I was able to closely follow the efforts of the government in the fight against poverty in Tibet Autonomous Region of China in recent years. Important infrastructures were built to create the economic framework for sustainable development. The education system has been professionalized and wages have risen sharply. Today, young Tibetans have improved access to universities and thus also the opportunity to learn modern professions or to complete a university degree. I am convinced that these measures will continue to help promote the economic development, poverty alleviation and social progress of TAR.

(Author:Songtsen Gyalzur)