Dekyi's business of running homestay and operating e-business


One corner of Tsering Dekyi’s homestay

Blooming flowers and plants are thriving in the front of the courtyard, snow-capped mountains can be seen through windows…

In Kyerpa Village, Conggo Township, Nyingchi City, Tibet, the 43-year-old Tsering Dekyi is busy with receiving guests in her homestay. It is the tourist-season and all the nine rooms of the homestay are full.

Kyerpa Village is located within the scenic area of Basum Co, which is the only national 5A scenic spot of natural scenery category, integrating scenery of now mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, pastureland, cultural relics and monasteries.

Tsering Dekyi is cleaning the guest room.

“Thanks to the beneficial policies of the government”, Dekyi said when talking about building the homestay. In 2018, she began to build the homestay after making a loan of 1 million Yuan from the Industry and Commerce Bank of China with a fiscal interest discount of 100,000 yuan. In May 2019, the homestay was opened for business and began to be known thanks to the online promotion activities carried out by related government agencies.

Apart from accommodation service in the homestay, Dekyi also provides catering service, focusing on the local specialties such as Tibetans pig, matsutake and yak meat. In 2019, the homestay made an income of more than 200,000 yuan

In spare time, Dekyi also learns about online marketing skills and began to sell matsutake through Wechat. “The market time of Basum Co matsutake is a little later than other places.” Dekyi said she has sold about 50 kilograms of matsutake to clients by now.

“In November, there will be few tourists; then I will spend all my energy on the e-business. I plan to check in on the Taobao platform and open a public account on the Wechat platform.” Dekyi said by doing so, she can sell the local specialties to clients all over the country.