Mingyi Tsomo: Strengthening the International Academic Exchange of Tibetan Medicine and Pharmacology


Mingyi Tsomo (member of the CPPCC National Committee, associate professor of the College of Tibetan Medicine)

I was admitted to the School of Tibetan Medicine as a teenager. Back then, the school was on its way to becoming a full-blown college. Once I graduated, I was granted a position within Nyirong County’s People’s Hospital in northern Tibet. Later, I went back to my school for further study and stayed there to teach, which ended up shipping me off in 2008 to pursue my master’s in public health in the UK and a doctorate in medical anthropology in Humboldt University of Berlin under the full support form my school. I also did post-grad research at Oxford University and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Every step I took was all for the betterment of Tibetan medicine and pharmacology. 

In 2017, I decided to give up a career opportunity in a prestigious university abroad and returned to my homeland. As a core scholar, I partook in a UNESCO application: “Lum medicinal bathing of Sowa Rigpa, knowledge and practices concerning life, health and illness prevention and treatment among the Tibetan people in China.”

During the two sessions, I raised my proposal about strengthening the international academic exchange and cultivation of human resources in the realm of traditional Tibetan medicine and pharmacology. Tibetan medicine and pharmacology have already benefited from an unprecedented opportunity for advancement in the modern era. My earnest wish is for efforts to be made to strengthen the cultivation of human resources, consolidate a much better medicinal database, ant bolster and spread the influence of China’s traditional Tibetan medicine and pharmacology to the world at large.