Nyemo County: cultivating edible fungi helps poverty alleviation


An Employee is picking Tibetan golden oyster mushrooms.

The construction project of Nyemo County Edible (Medical) Fungi Plantation Base has a total investment of 13.9028 million yuan (2 million US dollars) and was put into operation in September, 2018, planting and selling various kinds of mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, monkey head mushrooms, golden oyster mushrooms. At present, a new kind of mushroom, morel mushrooms, has also been harvested and marketed.

Since the implementation of the project, it has cultivated a group of edible (medical) fungi professionals, effectively adjusting the rural area’s industrial structure, and helped boost income for local residents who are impoverished. In 2019, the program is estimated to help 86 registered impoverished households to achieve an additional income of more than 600 thousand yuan (87,318 US dollars).