Readers of Gesar Epic Published


The picture shows the cover of “Incarnated in the World".

The reader of the Gesar epic - "Incarnated in the World" and “Ordained by the Heaven" were published by Qinghai People's Publishing House recently, according to news from Qinghai Gesar Epic Conservation and Research Center.

The picture shows the cover of “Ordained by the Heaven".

It is reported that the two books were edited by Jigme Dorje, director of the Gesar Epic Conservation Research Center in Qinghai Province. During the compilation process, some typical stories, representative events and wonderful dialogues and lyrics of characters were selected by referring to several Tibetan versions of the "Gesar" volume. He also referred to some Chinese translations of "Gesar", trying to achieve the unity of expression and fixing terms such as names of people and places.   

The publication of the two readers of "Gesar" epic, is a beneficial attempt to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the "Gesar" epic. It has also allowed more people to know and understand the great epic, and plays the role of cultural inheritance and cultural innovation, carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and maintaining the diversity of human cultures.